Monday, March 23, 2020

Edmodo ...

Hi everyone,

You are doing a great job at doing the work today! Please remember to follow the link in your emails to join the Edmodo classroom. Tomorrow all the work will be posted in there and you need to join the class to recieve it.

Any questions email me on

Take care

Miss Amy

Monday 23rd March

Welcome back to Year 1 online this week! 
Image result for welcome children sign
The school are working on a new platform to make this easier for everyone to use ... so please be patient it is coming very soon!

Lets start with a Good morning handwriting dance... get a lolly pop stick, feather or pen and follow along with the letters in the air. The bigger the better!

Handwriting song


LO I can read words that include the sound ar or ear. 

Miss Amy's lesson video will need a pencil and paper or whiteboard ready!

Group 1 Recap your phase 2 Phase 2 sounds Miss Amy's lesson group 1

Group 2  Practise your Phase 5 sounds first Recapping the Ear soundMiss Amy's lesson group 2 Group 2        part 2 ear with Miss Amy

Take a break: 5 minute workout


LO I can use adjectives to describe. I can use an exclamation mark.
Image result for legoland windsor lego villageFor our news this week, we are taking a trip to Legoland in the UK. 
Trip to Legoland ... skip to 2 minutes to see the lego village.

Now watch Miss Amy's lesson explanation ... Exclamation marks by Miss Amy

This video is also a good summary of all the types of end punctuation: End of sentence punctuation

Task: Write 2 to 5 sentences about your trip to Legoland. They must be in your best handwriting. Dont forget those finger spaces!
Image result for legoland windsor lego village
Try to include an adjective in each sentence for example ...
I went to the fantastic legoland. 
I saw huge and impressive lego models! 
I zoomed down the fast and scary rollercoaster.  I shouted Ahhh!!

Break time... Enjoy a healthy snack!


Mental maths warm up : Play Sumdog or watch this 10 times table song

LO: I can measure using a non standard unit. 

You will to know the words tall and short.  if you need to recap watch this video: Short and tall Who is the tallest person in your house?

Lego brick challenge: 

1. Choose one size of lego brick in your house.
2. Find 10 things to measure.
3. Record them in a table like this: Lego Challenge pdf

Comment or email me your answers. Well done!

Lunch time ... Don't forget to wash your hands. You could recap all your TEFL comparison words: Opposite words or you could look at Miss Lucy's TEFL blog for some more fun games!

Image result for plastic bag and straw simple lung model

LO I can name the organs in my body.

What are organs? What do your lungs do? What lungs by Miss Amy

Challenge:If you want to know more play along with this video How do your lungs work

Do your lungs inflate more when you breathe harder? 

1. Make your own lung model. Skip to 0:54 
2. What happens when you change how much you breathe into the lungs?
3. Show Miss Amy a video of you blowing them!

Challenge If you want to make a model that is more like your body follow this video : How to make lungs

End of the day story ... 3:00 

Listen to Miss Amy Oi dog read by Miss Amy or watch Stuck read by Oliver Jeffers

What a fantastic day! Well done everyone.

Miss you all ... see you tomorrow !

Friday, March 20, 2020

Weekend reading and activities

If you would like some activites or reading for the weekend I have put some ideas together...


+ You could play teach your monster to read or login to Oxford owls to read a book.

+ You could read along via youtube ... don't forgot to try it again but with the sound off. These are exactly to the same as our books in school!

Stage 1/1+ books:

Big feet
Fancy dress
Go away Floppy 

Stage 2 books:

The Band


Stage 3:

Helicopter Rescue

A walk in the su


I will email you the spelling sheet and 5 a day.

Happy reading!

If you wanted some acitivites to do I found this great Lego challenge board.

Enjoy time together... Keep smiling!
Well done for a great week of learning. 
Remember if you don't understand anything give me an email:

Keep sending your brilliant photos and videos 

Miss Amy x

Friday 20th March

Good morning everyone! I cant believe its been only a week. I miss you all :(
Some more great work :

Don't worry I have got Lucy rabbit from our class and Lily and I are taking good care of her.
Good morning dance Get ready for school' :)

Spelling test: Ask an adult to do your spellings for this week. Don't worry just try your best!


We are thinking about not only the letter sound but the letter name. Listen to this animal alphabet song. Which was your favourite animal? Animal Alphabet

Group 1: You need to revise all your phase 3 sounds : Phase 3 sounds If you have time try to remember all your phase 2 sounds as well : Phase 2 sounds

Group 2: You need to revise all your phase 5 sounds: Phase 5 sounds
If you have time, try and think of a silly sentence that includes the sound: ie or ay words.

Image result for teach your monster to readWhen you have finished watching your videos log on to Teach your monster to read! If you cant login please email me.
Teach your monster to read

Take a break: Try this phonic workout: Phonic workout

Literacy : 

1. As you had a superhero day with your special people yesterday, today we are going to write some simple sentences about superheroes. Chose your favourite super hero and write a sentence about them.  Here is a video to help you choose one. Superhero list

Image result for superheroes

He is  ____________ .
She loves to ______________ .

Challenge: Can you use some adjectives to describe them? For example:

Iron man has bright red skin and very strong arms.

Remember when you write a sentence you need:

2. Draw your superhero using an online instruction video.
For example: How to draw Iron Man

Break time: Get moving to one of the dances from our assembly: Roar dance


1. Mental maths:  Counting in 2's

2. We have practised o'clock and now going to try half past! Watch this video about telling the time to Half past

Now can you try this clock game : Clock game

3. Challenge: Can you make your own clock? You can use any materials! Here are a few ideas:
Image result for homemade clockImage result for homemade clockImage result for playdough clock

Can you try making these times on them:
7:30      3:00     5:30


Read along with one of our books from school:
Video: The Toys party! Turn the sound off and try to read all the words yourself.

Can you design and make your own toy shop? What will it be called? What kind of toys would you like to sell?
You could make a toy shop using a table, bed then collect your toys from around the house.

Challenge: Can you write or video an advert for your toy shop?

Here are some ideas: Image result for pretend homemade toy shopImage result for pretend homemade toy shop

End of the day story: 

Dear Zoo read by Lucy rabbit

At The Pool stage 3 - Read on your own

Well done on fantastic week of learning!
Give your mums, dads or whoever has been helping you a big clap.
They all deserve this: Image result for super teacher award

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Thursday 19th March - Dia Del Padre

Image result for superhero dadImage result for superhero dad7
Good morning everyone! Happy Father's day :) Feliz Dia del Padre!

Image result for feliz dia del padre

Today all your work is to be completed with your dad, uncle, brother or other special person!

Before we had to stay in our houses we had already started some lovely lion cards! I have taken photos of them all so you can show your special people.

 I think they all look brilliant! I am sure you have all made some excellent cards at home :) Here are some great ones:

Start your day with a good morning dance with your dad! Click on the link underlined:  Dad and child dance

Maybe you could make your own one up and share it with our class.

Today you need to download this document: Día del Padre challenges and complete at least 4 challenges!

I can't wait to see all the things you do to celebrate with your special person.

End of the day story:

At the end of the day get comfy and watch these dad stories together:

Dad and the dinosaur 

My Dad, My hero

What story do you and your dad like to read together?

Well done parents and Year 1! You are all doing great :)

Don't forgot you can also find fun Tefl games and acitivites on Miss Lucy's blog

Miss Lucy's Tefl blog