Sunday, March 10, 2019

Term 2 Fun Times

This term we have enjoyed learning all about China, including eating Chinese food on Chinese New Year. We have learnt how to write Finding tales in Literacy and we have been looking at objects in the past like Toys. We used both of these ideas to create our wonderful assembly The Lost Nutcracker. We are currently learning how to write instructions so on Shrove Tuesday we learnt how to make pancakes, including tossing them in the air. We recently learnt how to take care of ourselves on a trip to the theatre by a local doctor and in school we learnt how to do CPR to help people who have stopped breathing. We now know to ring 112 in an emergency but we still need to remember our  address in case of an emergency!!!!

A Flash Back to Christmas

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Autumn In Year 1

We enjoyed some classical music played by a visiting Norwegian Music School!!

We watched a beautiful show : Alice in Wonderland, in English at the theatre. Some of our children played a part in the show!

We enjoyed ourselves, playing team games and in the park after the theatre show!

A fireman came to visit us at school, he told us how to stay safe in our homes, schools and other places!

As part of our "Under the Sea" topic we created our own Fish necklaces!!!

Don't worry there Will be most exciting activities to come!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Happy Halloween!!!!!

We are enjoying doing lots of activities based around Halloween.
Have a look:

These are examples of our Haunted House Collage artwork and our lovely rhyming poems about cats! What happened to the Third Picture? Scary!!!!!!

This is a beautiful example of our addition and subtraction Pumpkin Maths!


Class Work for you to ENJOY!!!!

I Will try to post examples of your children's "Amazing Work" as often as posible!
Please be Patient as your children keep me very busy and vice versa!

 This is our display on "The Three Little Pigs" and our own versiĆ³n "The Three Little Cockroaches"

This is a beautiful example of an Information text on Cats.

This is a fab example of a Wanted Poster for a Wolf

This is another great example of a Wanted Poster for a Wolf!



Welcome to Year 1

I hope your children Will have an enjoyable year learning in our creative, hands on Classroom!

Miss Kirsty

Sunday, June 17, 2018


Thank you for providing excellent pirate costumes for the assembly. We hope you enjoyed our assembly all about under the sea and pirates. I was so proud of the children's behaviour and their hard work to learn their lines and songs.